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tragedy Essay Examples

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Tragedy story

‘A View from the Bridge’ is a story that ends in tragedy. A tragedy is a disaster or misfortune, which was never supposed to happen. This play ends tragically as Eddie dies because Marco killed him in self-defence. The immigration finds Marco and Rudolpho, therefore the whole family splits up. Marco may be put in…

A comparison of the development of tragedy

This essay compares the differences and similarities in the way in which the tragedies develop in Macbeth and A View from the Bridge. Macbeth is a more intense tragedy, as innocent people die as a result of his madness, before he himself is killed. A View from the Bridge is a softer tragedy, dealing with…

Greek tragedy

A view from the bridge is a powerful play about two immigrants that cross the American border from Italy, illegally. The play is set in the nineteen thirties to the nineteen fifties right after the Second World War. It also has striking similarities with Greek tragedy, being linear and having a chorus, or narrator (Alfieri)….



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Greek tragedy

‘A view from the bridge” was written by Arthur Miller in 1947. Arthur Miller uses a range of dramatic techniques effectively throughout the play to create tension and suspense, but particularly in the climax at the beginning of Act 2. These dramatic effects consist of; Stage direction, Greek tragedy, Foregrounding, Scenery, actions such as tension…

Greek tragedy structure

A view from the bridge is a fast paced play, which uses elements of a modern day Greek tragedy structure. The play consists of two acts, which have a very simplistic story line, which causes the play to turn into a hard hitting action and dramatic play, which moves towards the audience directly and at…

The Tragedy Of Macbeth

According to Aristotle’s definition Shakespeare’s work of Macbeth is classed as a tragedy. In order for a piece of work to be called a tragedy it must follow nine rules and one of which is the rule I will be focusing on today. This rule is “The tragic hero effectively evokes both pity and fear.”…

Fair is foul and foul is fair

“Fair is foul and foul is fair.”(1,1,190) The total theme of Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. The three sisters, also known as, witches begin what will later unravel into many deaths and a concluding tragedy. Who is at fault for this domino-killing spree? No other then a pure evil mixture of the witches and their undercover sidekick…

Macbeth’s Crimes

Macbeth’s crimes are blood, appalling and pitiless. Does Shakespeare present this “butcher”, “hell-kite” and “fiend” as a monster or as someone with whom it is possible to feel sympathy? The play Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare. It was written for the successor of Elizabeth I, James I of England. James I of England, who…

What dramatic effect does Shakespeare aim for in Act 2, scene 2, and how does he achieve it?

Act 2 scene 2 is like the lighting of the fuse, in the story of Macbeth’s self-destruction and downfall. Up to this scene Macbeth is a loyal hero, after leading Duncan’s army to victory over Macdonwalds. After leading Scotland to victory Macbeth is visited by three witches, who give prophecies about him becoming Thane of…

Who Is To Blame For the Tragedy of Macbeth?

The following essay is about ‘who is to blame for the tragedy of Macbeth? ‘. It will include what the word ‘tragedy’ actually means the tragedy of the death of Duncan, Banquo and Macduff’s family. Also, it will refer to the ruination of Scotland and the destruction of a close marriage. The essay will take…

The tragedy of ‘Macbeth’

In the tragedy of ‘Macbeth’, explore the ways in which Shakespeare presents Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as ‘cruel ministers’, a ‘butcher’ and a ‘fiend like queen’ The Shakespearian play ‘Macbeth’ is one the four greatest tragedies, encompassing witchcraft, crime and punishment, evil temptations, guilt, remorse and above all, greed for power. ‘Macbeth’ was probably written…

How far does Macbeth deserve the title “Butcher”?

When deciding whether or not Macbeth is deserving of the title “butcher” it is a hard decision. There were many contributions by other characters which influenced Macbeth’s actions: such as Duncan crowning Malcolm as his successor and giving the title Thane of Cawdor to Macbeth making in which the last one was a traitor: Banquo…

English Macbeth coursework

Is the supernatural wholly responsible for the tragedy that occurs or is Macbeth fatally flawed and responsible for his own heinous crimes? It is my contention that all of the central characters have some integral part to play in the tragedy that occurs. Each have some function in the heinous crimes, and hence one individual…

Tragedy is portrayed through the characters

‘The Crucible’ is a play written by Arthur Miller which was written in 1953. Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ explores the paranoia and hysteria of the Salem Witch trials of 1692 and the almost parallel events of the McCarthy ‘Witch Hunts’ of Communist sympathisers in 1950s America. It also illustrates how people react to mass hysteria created…

The tragedy of Death of a Salesman has Biff as the central focus

The play Death of a Salesman has many of the features of a tragedy. In the play Biff goes from a popular sportsman with scholarships to universities and high hopes for his future, to a farmhand. His father Willy goes from a salesman with a perfect son to being very unhappy and disappointed in Biff…

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