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Good essays Essay

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First, the author introduced and explained the parts of an essay. A typical essay usually contains introduction, body and conclusion. But good essays are more than just mere writing. Good essays, even though they are short perform different operations such as introducing the arguments, analyzing data, raising counter arguments, and concluding. The author also mentioned the background material which often appears at the beginning of an essay. It is usually between the introduction and first analytical section.

There are also some cases when the background material appears near the beginning of the relevant section. On the other hand, it is also helpful to think about those questions that readers might ask other than the parts of an essay. First is the “what” question which demonstrated the truth of your claim. For your readers to answer this question, your evidences in your essay must be clear. Next most important question is “how”. Answering this question will add to the credibility and truthfulness of the essay.

Lastly, answering the “why” question allows the reader to understand the essay is a larger context. It also explains the significance of the essay. Failing to answers this question will make the readers feel that the essay is unfinished. Meanwhile, structuring an essay is another important skill that a writer should have. It means examining your thesis and anticipating what the readers need to know. It is also predicting the sequence that will convince your reader to believe in your argument. The easiest way to do this is by mapping essay’s ideas in a narrative form.

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The first step in mapping an essay is stating your thesis. Developing a thesis Developing a thesis is not that easy. It is not a topic, nor a fact, nor an opinion. A good thesis cannot be answered by yes or no. A good thesis should tell the readers what you plan to argue and should telegraph how you plan to argue. There are several steps in constructing a thesis. First, you should analyze your primary source. Find out whether there are tensions, ambiguity controversy or complication in your primary sources. Once you already have a thesis in mind, write it down immediately.

By doing this, you will be forced to think of it clearly, logically, and concisely. After you’re done with the thesis, you should keep it prominent in your introduction and anticipate any counter arguments. To be able to write a good thesis, a writer should know what a thesis is. A thesis is never a question but an argument. A question alone is not considered as a thesis. It should have a definable and arguable claim. A thesis should also be clear and specific as possible. Avoid general term and abstraction that will confuse the readers. It is not also a list.

And the most important thing to remember is that it should never be vague, combative and confrontational. Beginning the Academic Essay There are steps to follow to begin an essay. Any writer should follow these steps because the beginning of an essay is very crucial. The first step is to introduce the essay. This part will tell the readers what the essay is about. Next step is to focus the essay. Aside from introducing the topic, the readers should know the central issue. Next, you should orient your readers. It means providing information and explanations which is necessary for their understanding.

It is very important in the entire essay but most crucial in the beginning. The writer should also decide about the length and the order of the essay. It is very important to decide the length of the essay according to the complexity of the issue. There are also strategies on how to write an opening for an essay. First is the history-of –the –world or long distance opening. The goal of its long opening is to establish a context for the essay. The other one is the funnel opening which starts with a broad or general topic and will end with a more specific one.

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